Milk tea brewing method

Milk tea brewing method

1) A porcelain cup or glass (220 ml or so) into 32 grams of sweet milk (adding 3-5 grams of evaporated milk tastes better);

2) White cloth or gauze filter bag (sold in Singapore’s groceries store), us boiling water to past smell (filter bag can be reused);

3) About 70 grams of tea powder is poured into a pot greater than 2 liters;

4) Infuse 1.5 to 1.6 liters of boiling water (100 degrees), pause for filtration, and repeatedly filter the hedge 7 times (pulling tea’s “pull” is this process);

5) filtered tea juice (possibly kept warm), rushed into the sweet milk cup to half a cup, quickly add boiling water to the cup full;

6) About 9 to 11 cups;

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