Home Brewed Coffee’ Glass Coffee Dripper and Pot Set

We have friends who like to make coffee at home. Ask us, what kind of coffee pot and filter bag are used at home?
In fact, there are many choices on the market. Here, we think that this one on Lazada is good:

The link is:  Glass Coffee Dripper and Pot Set (Black) For Hario V60

The friends live in Singapor can buy directly from this link.

Chinese domestic friends buy on Taobao and choose more.

What we emphasize is that the most important thing about authentic coffee is:

1) Good coffee powder;

2) The correct amount of sweet milk and coffee juice (add a little fresh milk is better);

3) The boiling water must be boiling (to 100 degrees);

4) Empty cups should be preheated.

The coffee is really delicious, We wish everyone get Delicious coffee!

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