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If the customer is in China, or if the customer’s goods are to be sent to China, the transportation fee is $5-$10/kg, as the case may be.

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Traditional flavor fragrant coffee

Coffee is the world’s first three beverages, the unique flavor to make the word countless people dumping

The history of coffee has not test, there is, according to statistics more than 70 countries grow coffee in the word.

Coffee aristocracy was once an elegant lifestyle like a sign.

Today, more and more people began to drink coffee.

Kim Guan Guan Coffee Trading Pte Ltd is one of the largest coffee supplier in Singapore, the main supply of cafes, coffeeshops, restaurants, dining center, out of the traditional flavor of espresso, In order to ensure quality, the company is very demanding for the selection of coffee beans, and insisted arrange delivery twice a week, thus ensuring fresh coffee powder.